Document Apostille and Embassy Legalization in the USA

We provide fast and efficient document services in Washington, DC!

Notary Service (Mobile & E-Notary)

WDC Apostille & Legalization Services has DC and VA notaries and can officer you the following notarial services.

1)    Notarization of your documents at our DC office and further apostille them and consular legalization. Please contact us and book the appointment, most likely we also need to see the scanned copies of the documents in advance, to properly advise you about the notarial act.The notarial service fee is a part of our apostille and legalization rates.

2)    Mobile Notary Service – is available only from 7pm to 6 am at any day. Our service fee for mobile notary is 120 US +5 US for each notarized signature. The 100 % prepayment is required. The payment can be made here:

3)    E-Notary Service – please read the information about this service below:

If you need to prepare and sign a document, for example, a power of attorney for further using it in the United States of America, we can offer you E-notary service. When using this system, your document is not needed to be certified by a local notary, apostilled in your country and sent to the USA. Everything can be done online! A special notarial digital certificate will be put on your document, after this act document will be ready to use in the USA, and can be sent by e-mail to your authorized representative, escrow agency, realtor, bank or insurance company and etc.
E-Notarial service is provided by a notary of the state of Virginia, but the document can be used in all states of the USA, the District of Columbia and territories. Here you can familiarize yourself with this process:

Below is the algorithm of this service:
1)    Prepare a document in WORD format. For your convenience, we can also offer you services in the preparation of a document in English for an additional fee (35-50 US, depending on the complexity of the document).
2)    Send the document to us by e-mail:
3)    Send us by email copy of the ID page of your passport and a copy of your local ID (identity card on both sides). Copies must be of good quality in PDF format.
4)    Book the time of the notarial session with us by e-mail.
5)    Pay for the service fee for the electronic notarization session according to the rates indicated below.
6)  To conduct an electronic notarization session, you must have access to SKYPE, during the session we record and subsequently save the recording of the notarial act forever.
7)    During the session, you sign the document, then you scan the page with your signature in PDF format and send it to us by e-mail.
8)    We certify your signature on the document by affixing a Digital Notarial stamp and the signature of a notary, lock the document, then we will send you the final version of the document back, which you can no longer change.

The cost of our services:
• 25 US for electronic verification of each signature on the document
• 50 US for notarial session itself, regardless of the number of documents.
• PayPal system fees -4% of the final amount.
• Preparation of documents in English from 35 to 50US depending on the complexity of the document (if needed).

The payment can be done by credit card here: